Justice for Jarret

Wagoner County Registered Voters

Our only child, Jarret Austin Clark; was involved in an altercation at Ft. Gibson’s Wahoo Bay park that led to his death on May 14, 2006; Mother’s Day.  He was with Brandon Hargrove, Tony Wallen, Courtney Manzer and Dayna Hargrove.   Jarret’s body was recovered from the lake on May 18, 2006.

Due to inconsistencies and many unanswered questions about Jarret’s death, we are hoping that a grand jury process will clarify who killed Jarret.

In the future; possibly April or May, Jarret’s family and volunteers will be asking for your help by signing our “Justice for Jarret” Grand Jury petition.   Please take a moment to listen to our situation and help Jarret’s family find closure and “Justice for Jarret”.  

Visit his website at: www.jarretaustinclark.com

Thank you, Jarret’s family.