In Memoriam
~Jarret Austin Clark~

April 5, 1988 - May 14, 2006

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Jarret's Story

Thank you

On April 5th, you came into this world and it was at that very moment when you captured everyone’s hearts. 

I thank you for that special moment Jarret; it was truly an amazing day.

I thank you Jarret for your smiles, your laughter, your charisma and your sense of humor.  I loved the fact that you could always make me laugh especially when it was needed most (and you always seemed to know). 

Thank you for your unbelievable energy; it was your energy that kept me going all the time; you were quite the motivator. 

Thank you for teaching me it’s okay to take the time to smell the rain.  You loved the smell of the rain and I enjoyed sitting on the back patio with you as it would rain; listening & smelling the rain together. 

Thank you for the many chats we had that I will treasure forever along with all the memories.  Those memories are stored in a special chamber in my heart.  Memories that will live with me forever & memories that help me get through each and every day ahead.

Thank you for being a caring and responsible young man.  So many things to thank you for but most of all…

Thank you Jarret for being my son!
I love you Jarret, Tammy Slater, aka ‘MOM’

 In loving memory of Tammy’s only child